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Who Am I?

Catalina Bloch

Stylist & Wedding Designer

Photo By: Jose Villa

Photo By: Jose Villa

Hola :) I am Catalina Bloch! Yup, that’s me to the right and  after 5 years working in the wedding industry as a photographer I decided that I wanted to not only capture perfect moments but I wanted to create them. How did this all start? Well, I planned my first wedding at the age of 19 where I also made the dress and cake….eeek! No pressure, right? I love all things wedding, and haven’t stopped since that day.

Now I design and style weddings, create inspirational shoots which have been published on some of the top wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty and Weddingchicks various times. Whatever stage your wedding is at I can help you create the perfect day. If you are planning a wedding get my FREE Guide to Finding Your Wedding Style, and  join the Inspiration Community to get the latest wedding inspiration, tips, ideas and budget saving secrets. Oh, and did I mention that community members also get special access to contents that won’t be found in my blog.

Are you a wedding professional that wants to learn about styling? Great! I have tons of  great stuff for you too. How to style your shoots, creating a styled shoot, DIY client styling, and lots more that I could list but I wanted this to be short. Just sign up here and I’ll send you the guide as well :)







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Wedding Styling

Photo by AMBphoto

Photo by AMBphoto

Let’s face it, when you get married you are no longer, Becky or Jake you are now known as Becky AND Jake or in some cases you actually become one name

Bake? Jecky?

(okay, it doesn’t work for everyone but it sure did work for Brangelina!)

Your wedding is special and amazing!

It should be a perfect expression of your new combined personalities. It’s your “Hello, World! Here we are” day. I want it  to be a day that you will remember forever and look back on as true expression of yourselves. I want you to party like a rock star while saying “WOW, this really IS us” and have that same feeling over and over again, when you look back through your wedding album in years to come. I want you to sparkle and most importantly, as the day unfolds and you look around the venue, I want you to feel the sparkle of that which is uniquely YOU.

Styling a wedding is creating a feel, an experience and a damn pretty place to hang out for the day.

So you are probably saying. “Awesome! Yes, I want that for my wedding but I still don’t get what you do? What is wedding styling? I have a wedding planner, won’t they do that?

Here’s what a wedding planner does. They are coordinating masters that make sure that the amazing stuff we create arrives and gets set up and that your vendors stay on track. They make sure there are no problems and handle the little snafoos that do pop up.

Here’s what I do! I am your style ninja I help you find the style and feel for your wedding and translate that into a perfectly pulled together amazing look that could be straight out of a magazine. I will help you pick every little detail and make sure that it makes sense. I’m like a wedding designer and then some!

I make you sparkle!

Click here to find your Wedding Styling Package


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Photo by AMBphoto





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